Credit to Irene for the photo. 

1. Set up autocorrect for things you FREQUENTLY type on your phone.

I’d rather not type in my email over and over again, multiple times a day and every single day.  I personally set up an arbitrary 3-letter combo “xzx” that corrects to my 23-character long email. 87% increased efficiency.  Results may vary depending on length.

SUGGESTIONS: emails, addresses, phone numbers.

Note: I recognize that auto-fill is a feature that exists in browser forms but this trick works anywhere you type rather than strictly the internet browser.

2. USE CHROME Extensions

  1. Declutter extension – automatically close duplicate tabs. [Link]
  2. Earth view from Google Earth – get a glimpse of some beautiful yet obscure corner of the earth every time you open a new tab (CTRL + T) – [Link]    ** personal favourite
  3. AdBlock – blocking Facebook, YouTube, etc. ads – [Link]
    • Ads – annoying and sometimes too personal for comfort? Once a birthday gift surprise was almost ruined because I had browsed the item on Amazon then it popped all over my Facebook pages with the birthday person hovering over my shoulder. Not cool.

3. Open links in Google Chrome’s incognito mode

Those that limit your use without a subscription. I’m not against paid subscriptions – I’m actually a subscriber to many, many things. When it’s this easy to circumvent, however… I’ll probably opt for going incognito with the links.

4. Turn your Facebook newsfeed into an RSS reader.

I used Google Reader religiously until they shut it down and alternatives such as Feedly were really never the same so I scrapped using RSS until I started liking more pages and unfollowing more friends. My feed is probably 90% articles and 10% updates from friends.

The best part is that you can actually save links (upper right corner arrow) and revisit them later on the left side under “Saved” and then archive them after you’re done.

I recommend: New York Times, Lucky Peach, The Economist, Bloomberg.

I would avoid because they’re awful to the point that reading status updates from high school friends might prove to be a better use of your time: Business Insider, Time Magazine, Vice, Elite Daily

5. Use instead of

Facebook messenger is the key messaging platform for a lot of people so its use is virtually unavoidable, love Facebook or hate it. Use the dedicated messenger site on a computer to cut out the distraction of everything Facebook-related.


Let me know below if you have any more tips!