Thank you to Alice Zhang at The Halcyon Avenue for making us less awkward in these pics.


SAUMIGNON is a medium that houses our creative and personal expression.

There are elements common to each of our own individual human experiences, be it a dreadfully long and awkward teenage phase or the all-consuming digital anxiety leading up to the eleventh like on an Instagram post. Because of this, we find hilarity in the monotony of life and humility with every retrospective reflection.

Our aim is to turn episodes of our lives into comic relief.



A blend of the words “sauvignon,” a variety of white grape wine and “mignon,” which is French for cute, SAUMIGNON is a special variety of whine[sic] cultivated over the years by two QTπ’s.

What once simply began as a food blog has now transformed into a cross-media lifestyle, “catch-all” platform that allows us to freely document our pursuits without restriction to one label.




Jen is a 23-year old Toronto-based young professional. She was an avid Twitter user who now tweets in longer paragraphs. She puts the ‘effort’ in ‘effortless.’ INFJ


Shirley is a 24-year old Montreal-based young professional. Her experience in blogging consists of her overly emotional high school blogspot that is now private. She puts the ‘bae’ in ‘basic.’ ENFP