My next stop in Malaysia was Penang. We took a coach bus with the biggest seats I’ve ever sat on and the hostel we stayed at was Ryokan, a very cute and stylish hostel. The rooms were slightly smaller than Backhome, but still very clean and more than comfortable.

We stayed in George Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a tourist spot (trap) with lots of colonial architecture mixed with temples, churches, and mosques. A real melting pot of different cultures mixed into the different periods of time. #AncientAtmosphere, guys y’all feel it in the air there (please don’t take my hashtag seriously).





For lunch we ended up at a noodle shop that served handmade noodles. As appetizers we ordered fried wontons and spring rolls. Let me tell you those spring rolls were something else, they were filled with radish, which is not the usual filling and it’s not surprisingly really good (because I love radish). I got the spicy sauce noodles with taiwanese sausages. You know those times where you boast that you are good at something, but then it doesn’t go the right way but you still continue? I know that feel. I always boast that I can eat spicy…this dish was spicy to the point of almost tears, but I pulled through eating it because I need to save my face (for those of you who don’t understand it’s a really Chinese thing google it).






These are just some highlights of my time spent in George Town. It is actually a city that you can just stroll around for days discovering coffee shops, absorbing the architecture, visiting historic sites, and searching for their amazing street art. (That guy in the motorcycle is like girlllll get off of mah bike, when I bought this bike I did not ask for this.) We even found a shop that sells cute postcards and you can send them off from the shop. There’s even a cat caf…and y’all know how much I like cats -me gusta-.









That evening we went to a night market (obviously) for dinner. Penang is very well known for being a foodie heaven…which is true in some ways as I ate so much I got a food coma and went to foodie heaven as an aftermath…dot dot dot. -cue forced laughter-

From left to right starting from the top row to bottom row: we ate oyster omelettes, which I’ve noticed I’ve been having everywhere. Had to satisfy my wonton mee craving. It’s very saucy and not so much soupy, which I guess is good but I really do enjoy having much more of a broth with my wontons. Followed by some char kway teow. For those of you back home in Montreal who don’t know what this delight is, it tastes almost like pad thai but with thicker noodles. This was probably the best dish out of all of them, with its sweet and eggy flavour to it. We had some bbq skewers, mutton is always a safe choice as it is the best. Finally we ordered rojak. So for rojak, you pick what you want to eat which consists of a variety of deep fried seafood and then they will cook it altogether and add a thick sauce. We obviously overestimated the amount that we could eat and since none of our palettes are really designed to eat such a sweet sauce, we didn’t finish it. It is safe to say that it may be one of my least favourite dishes from this trip, but if it were a smaller portion I might have enjoyed it better!

All in all, Penang is a beautiful place. I urge you to come visit George Town and stay for at least a couple of days. There are so many cute coffee shops and boutiques that can take days to explore. Rent a bike and just absorb all the sites and the cuteness.