Summer is a great season for various reasons, ranging from buff men in speedos to the return of food trucks in Montreal. The best part about these food trucks is that they must be “gourmet” food, so no matter what you eat you feel as though you are a connoisseur of fine cuisine. Food trucks rotate locations throughout Montreal on a daily basis. Thus, your favourite food truck, may not always be at your favourite corner. For more information on the weekly itinerary CLICK HERE. To see what is happening live with the food truck scene CLICK HERE.

Two weeks ago, during our lunch break my colleagues and I decided to go and visit Au Pied de Cochon’s food truck. A must go to restaurant in Montreal for any foodie, but for those on a tighter budget we get to still enjoy some foie gras for less.

Look at this beautiful truck. Look at my powerful photography skills. wow. wow. wow. Absolutely amazing. -pats self on the back-. Somebody please slap me before I continue on…

From the above pics you get a clear view of what is offered at their food truck. Obviously not the most extensive menu, but quality over quantity. Unless you are going to hell for gluttony like me then it’s all about quantity.

Boite Gourmande #2

I got the Boite Gourmande #2, which contained a brioche cochon, poutine fois gras, brioche sucree, and a soda. The portion is good enough for one person who eats a lot or one person who can afford taking the afternoon off due to a food coma, but for me I shared this meal.

Let us begin discussing the packaging. It comes in a nice cardboard paper box; it definitely has that rural, nature, cabin in the woods, I just hunted for this food and that’s why it’s so fresh feel to it. The utensils are wooden and albeit may be aesthetically pleasing, you may not want to eat a steak with it. On a fork scale of jello to steak, this fork leans towards holding jello vs steak.

Since taking a picture of this beautiful soda in a simple concept cup may not be the most beautiful of pictures, I will start off by taking about their soda. This soda was no ordinary soda, it was a maple syrup soda and from your first gulp the maple flavour will hit you right away. If you are not fond of sweets this may not be the drink for you, but still definitely worth a try.

Brioche Cochon

This was not one of your microwavable wiener that you made at home and put it in a toasted hot dog bun to make your own fancy hot dog. No, this was much fancier. The wiener was divine (no inappropriate jokes here please…contain yourself.) and meaty, not too oily or fatty at all. The bread was rich and could definitely be a meal by itself. If you want toppings you’re going to have to get your wallet ready, because depending on what you want you may need to pay a little extra. We got the michigan sauce, which is basically bolognese sauce and added coleslaw with our hot dog. I must admit when I ordered the michigan sauce I didn’t realize it was bolognese sauce so I thought that it would be a good fit with coleslaw. However although an unlikely combo, the fact that the wiener and bread were so good it didn’t really matter that they weren’t exactly a good fit.

Poutine Foie Gras

This baby is what I call a one bite knockout. After one bite you think to yourself maybe I should not indulge myself in this very fatty, very oily, very gras, dish, but you keep on eating it after that one bite anyways. This poutine felt like oil oozing down my throat, which may sound nasty, but hey I finished this poutine AND felt guiltily satisfied.

Brioche SucrÉe

Dessert ended with this sweet pastry. By this point I was already so stuffed I couldn’t finish the dessert, but it was yummy and not too sweet because of the banana in it.

All in all, if this food truck was around my corner, I’d definitely go for it again, especially for the brioche cochon. It’s also a great place to take your out of towner friend who wants a piece of Montreal’s specialty but doesn’t have the money to indulge themselves at the restaurant. Plus, this way you can also sit in a park and get a good view of this beautiful city.

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