was not in culinary heaven in Edmonton. Admittedly, my sample size was extremely modest in size so this isn’t a sweeping statement but rather, me low key (publicly) throwing shade at my host for choosing such places. I would classify myself as an easy eater since I’d be down to eat anything anytime with very little complaints because food is rarely that bad. Perhaps the food bloggeuse role I bestowed upon myself has gone straight to my head. You’ve changed, Jen.

In any event, the induction of my Albertan food baby took place at CHEESECAKE CAFE, an Alberta exclusive.

Go to CHEESECAKE CAFE for the cheesecake and nothing else unless you have an appetite for disappointment.

Happy hour cocktails and half-priced appetizers are acceptable if you’re hungry and desperate but definitely skip the overpriced sub-par food. The entrees of salmon maple chilli salmon and champagne chicken were so awful that my mind wandered to this dark, dark place where every cell of my body is sure that I can cook better food than this. Yes, THAT bad in substance and presentation that I don’t even want to post photos. The appetizers we had weren’t that great either.

Fortunately for CHEESECAKE CAFE and most weak restaurants, dessert saves the day because the cheesecake was decadent. So very generously portioned for $8 a slice that one was more than enough for the both of us so we had the Red Velvet at the restaurant and took the Death by Chocolate to go. Possibly some of the best cheesecake I have ever had, really.

*I actually didn’t end up eating the chocolate cake for reasons unknown so my host had it after I left. If you ask me, it probably tasted like betrayal. No big deal though. I ain’t bitter or anything.
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17011 100 Avenue
Edmonton, AB