Number two on my Edmonton hit list was this quaint little place on Whyte Avenue for lunch called CONTINENTAL TREAT FINE BISTRO. Advertised as a “taste of Europe,” this family-owned business boasts two generations of collaboration and pride. Or at least that’s what the front page of the website says.

As a self-proclaimed baguette connoisseur, I appreciate bread. I really, really do in all shapes and forms but this starter was essentially just slices of generic bread. Who really knows though? It probably was a cherished home-grown recipe passed down from thirteen and a half generations all across Europe before making its way to Edmonton but I mean if you had me blindfolded like in a Febreze commercials to give you my unadulterated opinion…

They say to not judge a book by its cover so perhaps more fitting in this instance, I should not judge a highly-rated restaurant on Urbanspoon by its complimentary starter.

Beef Tatar

Center cut raw beef tenderloin, traditionally spiced and served with toasted garlic rye bread.

Even though I didn’t think this dish was specactular, Assistant Taster claimed it was the best beef tartar he has ever had, especially with the tomatoes being a nice touch. I think AT has a thing for raw meat dishes which is most certainly a quality I look for in an Assistant Taster. Raw food is always good in my books.

Avocado Tomato Salad with Viennese Schnitzel

Avocado, tomatoes, romaine, topped with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette and roasted almonds, served with garlic toast.

My choice of salad from the “healthier choices” category of the menu which is strangely enough (not) just two things from the non-healthy choices compiled. Admittedly, I ordered the schnitzel as my salad protein not only due to the fact that the word undeniably rolls off your tongue but rather because I was expecting a sausage. A SAUSAGE. It just sounds like the sort of name you would give a sausage, ya feel me? Though I am likely in no discernible position to give an opinion about the schnitzel, I’ll give one anyways. Not a fan of this breaded mystery that somehow is just as tasteless as it is salty.

SOME OF JEN’S FAVOURITE BATTERED THINGS: yam tempura, fish and chips, and deep fried ice cream.

Quality should almost always outshadow presentation when it comes to food because taste is inherently the make or break of a meal; aesthetic merely accentuates. Yet for a restaurant that describes itself as “luxury,” the two pictured here were anticlimactic to say the least. With a great ingredient like “avocado” headlining the name, two spoons of it does no justice – much to the dismay of an avocado advocate like myself.

The name CONTINENTAL TREAT FINE BISTRO is more of a mouthful than the food was.

The ambiance, set up, and decor may appeal to some but luxury and quaintness aren’t exactly similar in my books. Nonetheless, the dinner and dessert menu shows more promise with more decadent sounding names like “herb buttered filet mignon” and “almondeus coupe.” I would skip it because I wasn’t sold on the food even though AT liked it but at the end of the day, this is not really my steez. However, given the multitude of praise online it wouldn’t be THAT bad if you’re in the hood and looking for dinner.

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