One clear sign that spring is amongst us and that winter is finally over is the sign of terrasses popping up on sidewalks along with pedestrians walking around with 50% of them in shorts and the other 50% still wearing their gooses. Is it cold? Is it hot? or should we just take a leaf from the wise Katy Perry and say that spring, “you’re hot and you’re cold.”

Today’s brunch took place at Eggspectation, a breakfast franchise (if you couldn’t already tell by the name of it) with multiple locations. My fellow bruncher and I went to the one located on Maisonneuve which happens to have a beautiful terrasse. Here’s a terrasse tip, if your fellow bruncher talks too much about nothing and you just want to tune them out, wear sunglasses and then you can people watch. Who knows who may walk by!?!?!?! Just don’t do this without sunglasses as it may lead you to two awkward situations. The people walking by may feel your intense gaze and feel slightly uncomfortable and your brunch partner will probably notice that you’re not paying attention leading to the potential end of a friendship…not that that has ever happened to me before. -shifts eyes ever so slightly-

If any of you know me even a bit then you know that I adore puns, one may say I’m a pundit in them. Additionally, some of you may know that I’m trying to read 24 books this year for my new years resolution, so seeing this pun, Great Eggspectations, gave me a sudden jolt of guilt as I realized that Great Expectations is one of the books on my list and that I’m still only on book number 2. As the saying goes, “the year is still young.”

To all my dear readers, I’d like to introduce to you to my guest bruncher for this week, Koray. I’m sure this is a very eggciting time for you guys to see the views of someone else on food so let’s start off with a little introduction on him. He is saumignon’s only reader so basically, “Hi Koray” I’m introducing you to yourself. As I asked if I could take a picture of him for my blog because I thought his outfit was quite on point, he asked me for my sunglasses “to look cool and hip.” Let’s be honest what #OOTD would be complete without a black hat or ray bans. Additionally, he had to wear sunglasses because the blazing sun was making him squint at the white pages of the menu. So this is tip #2 of eating on a terrasse, always bring sunnies or else you won’t be able to read your menu.

Sugar Shack

Packed with pure Canadian maple syrup: two scrambled eggs, a crêpe bretonne, sliced ham, baked beans and their tasty Lyonnaise-style potatoes.

I kindly asked Koray to tell me his thoughts on his meal hoping to receive just 2 or 3 sentences, but instead got this huge paragraph that I will gladly copy and paste into this post as I trust his eggspertise and also cause I’m just plain lazy. “To be honest I’m always super rattled when I order that (that being this meal) because everything is centred around the small bowl of maple syrup. All of the components of the dish would benefit from liberal amounts of syrup so I have to like ration the syrup very carefully. It has to be just right you know? Like if I have leftover syrup I’m an embarrassment because I can’t just drink the syrup by itself. I want to believe that I haven’t reached that low in my life yet. But if I run out of syrup then I don’t even want to talk about what happens, but otherwise the food was solid. V flavourful. A+ potatoes especially with your fry sauce. 8/10″

Wow. What an eggsquisite review from this fellow bruncher. I feel his description really allows me to understand the struggle of syrup distribution in breakfast. The struggle is real guys, don’t underestimate the power maple syrup has on someone.

~Thank you so much Koray for your eggcellent review, I couldn’t have written it better myself~


Tender grilled chicken breast with two any-style eggs, white toast or multigrain, seasonal fruit garnish and their Lyonnaise-style potatoes.

I know you’re wondering was this dish really eggsilarating? Why yes, it was. I never thought about having chicken breast as a breakfast food, however on this morning I went to the gym and I was really searching for some gains during brunch. To my surprise I actually thoroughly enjoyed this dish. If you’re looking to satisfy a meat craving but don’t want to order something oily like bacon this is a great alternative. I didn’t find the chicken dry at all, it was really moist and as always I really liked the potatoes. Tip #3, if you don’t already do this, combine your mayonnaise and ketchup together to make fry sauce, which I swear is an actually thing, please see this wikipedia link. Koray looked at me in disgust as I mixed it together and eggsplained to him what it was, but after he dipped his potato into it, I could tell from his eyes that his life was forever changed. As he kept dipping his fries in that sauce, I couldn’t help but feel triumphant.

Tip #4, when opening a ketchup bottle, do not point the squirting end towards yourself, because somehow pressure managed to build up in my bottle and as I opened it, it squirted all over me. So if anything, point it towards the person you’re brunching with and hope that it squirts on them and in this case you can play it off as an accident.

I know franchises don’t have as special of a feel for a brunch place, but if you’re looking for nice crispy potatoes, this is the place to come to. It’s definitely a reliable brunch place and there’s a huge amount of seating as there’s two floors inside and they have an outdoor terrasse. Pun-lovers would feel at home here reading the menu as their puns are quite eggsquisite. Additionally, this is the perfect place to just drop by if you’re craving brunch and it’s at a very convenient location in downtown Montreal.

Eggspectation Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

1313 De Maisonneuve West
Montreal, Qc
(514) 842-3447