If you haven’t heard of Fabergé you must be living underneath a rock like Patrick from Spongebob. If you haven’t been to Fabergé yet because you see the lineup and get intimidated by it, that’s completely understandable. If you’re like me and just have no friends to go brunch with and that’s the reason you’ve never been then I feel you. You may be asking what time is the most ideal time to go? Well we were a group of three girls that arrived at 10:30AM and waited about 20 minutes to get a seat. I’m sure if you arrive later the line up will be much more gruesome.


If you hang with me you know you only get the VIP treatment aka bottle service and guest list. Just kidding, you gotta wait in line, have a Visa and cry when you get your credit card statements. In all honesty if your crew is as alcoholic as mine and will be getting multiple mimosas it’s a much better deal to just buy the bottle for $40 as each glass is $9. Additionally you also get to pick two juices to accompany your prosecco. This is a perfect example about how life is made of opportunities and choices.

Benny Mac

Mac and cheese fritter, pulled pork, topped with jalapeno jelly

The only macking that ever gets done in my life is mac ‘n’ cheese. However enough about me, this was a dish taken by a dear colleague who’s on exchange in Montreal from Australia. She says that the breaded mac ‘n’ cheese was a little dry, however the hollandaise sauce and the yolk from the poached eggs compensated this dryness. Additionally, the jalapeno jelly fused really well with the dish. On a personal level, I will have you know the only time I feel hot is when I eat jalapeno (crying internally).

Le Massif

Three eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, baked beans and bacon jam. Choice of crepe or french toast. Served with home fries, toast & fruit

“Le massif” describes my size post-consumption (let’s be honest it was my size entering brunch too #RIPmetabolism). As this dish comes with toast, I opted for the crepe instead of french toast. As I am on a low carb diet, I think perhaps that eating that extra french toast would really ruin my diet (this sentence was sarcastic). As this is the traditional breakfast that you can’t really go wrong with what stands out about this one is the bacon jam. It’s that perfect combination of smokey and sweet. I also think the sausage ain’t that bad either, cause usually I’m not a fan of breakfast sausages but here I ate the whole thing, that must mean something right????? Just remember that if you take this dish and finish all the potatoes, toast, and the crepe or the french toast that carbs cause the worst after effects and that’s why bread is pain in French (I apologize to all my twitter followers reading for seeing this witty comment again).

Chicken Waffles

Boneless fried chicken, sriracha cole slaw, bbq sauce, home fries and seasonal fruit

Have you really been to Fabergé if one of your friends don’t order chicken waffles and instagram it. Each time we took a photo (top-down of course, the only way to go for the instalikes), this group of girls at the table across from us gave a smile. I may have been the “wow those girls are basic” smile, but I’m pretty sure it was the “I know that feel” smile. They were probably thinking “Yass girl, get it, fish for them likes, you do you.” As you can tell I’m quite delusional. Okay, now back to this dish, the chicken is really good, however the waffle to chicken ratio is intimidating. If you can finish this whole dish, I will give you a star for your effort. Perhaps having more coleslaw incorporated into this dish would give a better balance as it would add extra moisture to this particularly dry dish.

All in all, after this experience I have nicknamed Fabergé as Fatbergé, cause that’s exactly how I felt after eating this massive meal. If you don’t know me, I will have you know I leave no man behind, aka no piece of food on my plate uneaten. The portion sizes here are more than adequate, but is it really worth that massive line-up? If you’ve never been you should definitely go, but I’m not sure I would wait in line in the cold forever for brunch here.

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