As a resident of The Annex this summer, cheap and delicious food was widely available. If the variety there alone doesn’t strike your fancy, a few steps more West on Bloor Street brings you to Koreatown. Toronto food is exactly why I worked out like mad for three months yet didn’t lose a single pound. I essentially burned off only the excess grease I inhaled this summer, netting me out to a zero.

DELICIOUS CARIBBEAN CUISINE, yells the yellow store banner in capitalized red letters. The interior is anything but spectacular. A greasy take-out counter and severely outdated furnishing – but it’s not like you would take your mother here anyhow. Naturally at a place called JERK KING, you order what the restaurant is known for.

Jerk Chicken and Rice

So so tender and generously seasoned yet not overbearingly so. Perfection in the form of a chicken drumstick.

Jamaican Patty

These yellow flakey wonders are something I didn’t know about growing up on the West Coast. Meat-filled (most popularly, beef) pastries that never costs more than $2 a pop? You seriously cannot go wrong. Relentlessly gratifying.

Fried Plantains

As if the sheer amount of oil in my meal thus far wasn’t heart-attack inducing enough, dessert involved the divine fusion of two truly great things on this planet: bananas soaked in oil. Careful though – the order of 4 is more than enough unless you have a death wish.


Right outside Bathurst Station and open until 3 or 4 AM each day, I’m definitely coming back again and again.

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1104 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M6H 1M8
(416) 531-0300