Third brunch post in a row??? Do I need to recalibrate my level of being basic? Just kidding I know I’m not basic, I’m baesic and there ain’t nothing wrong with that ladies (and gentlemen). Remember “you do you” and “love yourself” aka brunch whenever you want and never let anyone make you feel like you’ve posted too many top down angled pictures on your instagram of brunch foods.

For this post, I will be writing about my time at L’Avenue, the place where everybody’s taken a picture in their exquisite washroom. We arrived at 10AM and of course there was a line already. At first I thought that we arrived too early and that the restaurant just hadn’t opened yet till I squinted at the sign that said open at 8:00AM. The line moved pretty fast, it’s probably just a 20 to 30 minute wait, which is a much shorter time than waiting for bae to appear.­

The setting is adorable with a big pop art influence. My favourite item in this restaurant besides the food that I would soon ingest, was this ginormous maple syrup can that turns. Just like how I like to supersize my food portions, I also enjoy this effect on artifacts and props.

Fruit Skewer

I love that before they bring out the main meal, you get a fruit skewer. Just remember that you eat with your eyes first and this presentation really does get you excited for what else is to come. Additionally, by offering this before your meal, it shows how generous this restaurant is because they care about your bowel movements ~

Coin Coin BEnEdictine

2 poached eggs, duck and caramelized onions, with hollandaise sauce and mustard seeds

If anybody knows me and my brunch habits, you’ll know that I have a big fear of eggs benedict. It could possibly stem from a psychological issue of me being in love with Benedict Cumberbatch and my fear of professing my love and getting rejected. WHO KNOWS?!?!! Actually, it comes from the fact that I’ve always had a bad experience with hollandaise sauce and was always overwhelmed by it. However, on this lovely day, I decided to face my fears and order this delightful dish and asked for the sauce to be on the side. This allowed me to face my fears one step at a time, one drizzle of sauce at a time. I will have you know that Benedict, or my boy Benny, has changed me. I now know how it feels like to be loved by a real man. But in all honesty, what really made this dish was the mustard seeds. I found that by having that little bit of mustard bitterness went really well with that rich hollandaise sauce along with the sweetness of the duck and caramelized onions.

It’s official, I’ve converted into an eggs benedict lover, an eggs benedict cumberbitch to be more exact.

Oeufs BEnEdictine Classiques

2 poached eggs, beer braised ham, with hollandaise sauce

L’Avenue has a little twist on the classic eggs benedict by using shredded ham. What I really enjoyed about this one was the fact that the ham resembled pulled pork, because let’s be honest a slab of ham isn’t that attractive when it comes to different ways of eating pork. Back in my elementary school days, sometimes I would literally have two slices of bread with a chunk of ham in the middle in my lunchbox. There was no mayonnaise, no lettuce, it was honestly a really low point in my life, I still have nightmares about that sandwich. Just imagine every other kid had those cute Lunchables, making their little pizzas and being all cool and I had bread with ham. Was I the most popular kid in school? Ch’yeahhhh, everyone wanted to sit with me -a single tear is currently sliding down my cheek-

BEnEdictine MontrEal Smoked Meat

2 poached eggs, smoked meat and swiss cheese, with hollandaise sauce and mustard seeds

I’m telling you this hollandaise sauce with mustard seed combination is a perfect match. I did like my “coin coin” combination because of the extra sweetness from the meat and onions, however if you’re looking for something more savoury then you can opt to get that sauce combo but with smoked meat. Out of all the flavours in the world, this little one chose to be salty.


2 poached eggs served on french toast with ham and hollandaise sauce

I took one bite of this and realized that this was the dish I was meant to order. Of course all the other eggs benedicts that are pictured above were great, but if you want something that will take you out of this world, get this one. I really like the combination of sweet and salty, and nothing says sweet like french toast. 15/10 when I go back I will order this dish and devour it. I’m sure that my friend who ordered this was mentally building a fort around his meal because I was eyeing it like a fat kid would be eyeing this dish. Wait a second…I am that fat kid eyeing this dish.

And of course, how can we forget to talk about their famous washrooms. As I sneaked away to the washroom, I told my fellow brunchers see you in 10 minutes and no I’m not going to be doing number 2, I’m just going to be taking 12309123892 mirror selfies and praying that I look cool in at least 1 of them. However as you can tell I just ended up looking like a 15 year old boy. My advice would be to wear white going into this washroom so that you can really glow like the star that you are.

Honestly, L’Avenue is one of the best brunch places I’ve been to in Montreal if you’re looking for something outside of the usual traditional breakfast. This place has allowed me to embrace my fear of eating eggs benedict and I already know that I will be back for Benny in the form of the sucré-salé-croustillant. Remember to wear white, hope that you don’t get yourself dirty from the food, and go take a picture in the washroom. Does it really matter that the person in line waiting for the washroom thinks that you’re having trouble with your bowel movements? No, because you shouldn’t care about what others think, so take those pics and own it.

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Montreal, QC
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