My publicist told me not to mention this but I honestly can’t help the way I feel. Sometimes when you’re in love you just want to scream it on top of a mountain, go outside their house with a radio over your head, take them to the border of two states because one of their wishes is to be in two places at once…well that’s exactly how I feel about Lawrence.

How bae is he???? My heart is melting just looking at him. That font, those menu items, that italicized description en Anglais. Honestly, we ended up at Lawrence for brunch because initially we wanted to go to Fabergé, but the lineup there is ridiculous. As hunger was the main issue we opted to go to Lawrence where they told us the waiting time was going to be about 20 mins. If you arrive there on spot they’ll take down you number and give you a call when they’ve got space for you. This is great cause it allows you to go window shopping as your stomach growls.

Chocolate, Custard, and Lemon Doughnuts

I’m very big on the saying “go big or go home”…or in my case it’s “grow big, go home, nap and regret your life decisions”. Thus, we ordered doughnuts to share before going onto our main course. I heard that a lot of people order deep fried goods before their mains as it, how do I say, “opens their palette”. As you can tell I have no idea what I’m saying, but I can tell you that these doughnuts are really good and they’re warm when they arrive to your table, so you want to eat them fast. However, if you’re like me and get overexcited when food arrives and think that it’s a good idea to take a big bite, DON’T DO IT. The custard will squirt everywhere ~ that’s what he said~. If you like deep fried goods (who doesn’t), sugar, and creamy custard, definitely order this dish but do share it or else you’ll just be gorging yourself.

English Breakfast

The one thing I really appreciate about Lawrence, besides being so bae, is the size of their portions. It’s not piles of meat, but still very very filling. This is that tradition breakfast that I usually opt for but this is actually Helen’s order. Another thing that I really love about the Lawrence is the cut of the bacon, they’re not thin burnt slices. The cut is much thicker but still crispy enough so that it’s not some floppy rubbery like texture. You could say that Lawrence has…baecon (forgive me internet for overusing bae in this post).

Scrapple, Fried Eggs, Bacon

It may just be because I live a very sheltered life, but I had no idea what scrapple was and for the longest time I was like “damn, they’re making me eat my words” (get it scrabble…-cues sitcom pity laughter-). Scrapple is actually just pork scraps, so I thought why not live on the wild side today and not order my usual traditional breakfast, because anyways if I really wanted that traditional breakfast I could steal some from my dining partner (see above for reference). The scrapple will definitely make you feel like any gym workout you’ve done that week has gone to waste, but the complimentary salad definitely balances the oil from the scrapple so that it’s not overbearing. I’m no nutritionist but I believe that if you eat a salad those calories basically counteract the calories of the bacon and the scrapple. Again, I love the cut of the bacon it really is quite something.

I honestly think that this place deserves a much longer lineup than it has. The way they make their bacon is enough for me to adore this place. The portions aren’t massive but they’ll still give you a food coma so if you’re a masochist and enjoy hating yourself after a meal, you can still come here and experience that self-loathing “why do I gorge myself all the time” type of feels. It’s not the type of brunch place that just feels like everything was on the same fryer, but instead it feels like every dish was prepped for a purpose. That purpose being to satisfy your brunch cravings. -awwwwn-

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5201 Blvd St-Laurent
Montreal, QC