The first time I saw this place was actually from the overpass walking towards Rosemont metro. I saw the words Butterblume and of course being the die-hard Harry Potter fan that I am my first instinct was to think of butterbeer. However, I soon learnt that butterblume actually means buttercup in German. How so mignon of a name is that?


Le Butterblume is located in the Mile End, just about the hippest neighbourhood in Montreal. Being the closeted artist that I am, I’ve always longed to live in this area, have a teal coloured bicycle and date a man with a full lumbersexual beard, but alas I ain’t cool enough (╯︵╰,). My friend has been nagging me to go here with her and like the very good friend that I am I kept pushing it back…oh how I regret not coming here earlier and I’m extremely grateful that she pushed me here!!!


Iced Tea, Lemonade, ICED TEAButterblume

If a place has homemade drinks, they’re definitely worth trying, so on a nice summer day we ordered some iced tea and lemonade. What can I say my dearies…their iced tea is the perfect amount of sweet and their lemonade, the perfect balance of sweet and sour, which is evidently also the perfect recipe for an overly attached girlfriend.


tartine à la crème de zucchini, ricotta, oeuf poché, verdures & jerky de canard


Unfortunately my dear readers, this was my friend’s dish and she doesn’t like cheese so the ricotta could not be photographed. Sorry Ricotta, as they say it’s not you it’s me (but let’s be honest it’s always you). Even without the ricotta, the thing that stood out for me in every dish were the herbs. The dill and chives really made the dish taste oh so fresh like clean laundry (but edible). From just one glance at the pictures you’d think that the green droplets was smashed avocado but it’s actually puréed zucchini, SURPRISE!!!

tartine au fromage blanc, girolles, viande de grison, betteraves & ponzuButterblumeButterblume

Can you hear my heart beet? (get it????) Just kidding I’m heartless. The thing I love about this restaurant is that they have such simple dishes with such simple ingredients. If you’re looking for something on the salty side, this dish is the one for you. With that sour and slightly sweet taste of pickled beets paired with that creamy cheese along with a beautifully cured meat, what a match made in instagram heaven. If anything this dish should give you inspiration on things you could do with your spiralizer besides those gluten free zucchini noodles that everyone raves about.

ravioli allemands “maultasche”, farcis aux épinards & porc, dashi de poulet, oignon confit & huile de persilButterblumeButterblume

Finally, we get to my dish. If you’re looking to eat a ravioli and not end up as a ravioli by the end of your meal, this is the type you should be getting. The slight oiliness of the onion confit is balanced with the fresh herbs, creating a dish that won’t make you feel heavy. The broth is hearty but tastes very clean (wow that is such a weird term to use but exactly how I feel, when I say clean I mean you won’t get confused by a multitude of flavours which is good because these days we multitask everything, we shouldn’t have to multitask our taste buds).


Would I go here again? Of course, this is 20 instagram posts worth of aesthetics (and gurlllll…if you’re about that white background look this place is for you). Besides the beautiful interior decor and the presentation of the food, the flavours here are fresh to death (like myself) and so simple that makes the dish that much better. You don’t need to wonder “wtf am I tasting” and repeating “wow this dish is sooo…interesting” after every bite, but can simply enjoy your food for what it is.

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(514) 903-9115