Name me one better way to spend your Fridays that doesn’t include gorging yourself over a wide selection of food. -silence- SEE THERE’S NOTHING BETTER!!!! Just kidding, that silence was from the lack of viewership of this blog. Les Premiers Vendredis, for those of you who don’t know the language of love and are too lazy to google translate, stands for The First Fridays. Essentially, this is an event where tons of food trucks join together at the Olympic Stadium on…you guessed it...every first Friday of the month.  Before continuing on, I’d just like to apologize for the bright and highly contrasted images, I was sitting on a terrasse in the sun while editing the images.

For $7.50 you can buy yourself a good time with this Palm Bay Key Lime Cherry drink. The timing of an alcoholic beverage at an event like this depends on what type of drunk you are. If let’s say alcohol gets you angry, I suggest you do not buy this before eating as you will most probably get into a fight with someone in the infinitely long food truck lines due to how hangry you are. However, from my experience it’s more fun drinking this while waiting in line for food before you’ve ingested anything as then you get tipsy easier and it makes for something enjoyable to do while waiting. (I will admit that I did get a little hangry)

Le Super Truck

I have been staring at these hot dogs for a good 10 mins trying to think of a way to describe them without it sounding like a euphemism for something else. The star of this show was the sausage (no I’m not describing an adult movie). It was juicy and dense. The sour toppings on that savoury sausage was a perfect combination and if you’re like me and enjoy something sweet the ketchup was the perfect finish. I think the measure of unit for food trucks should be based off of quality of food and waiting line. Essentially the question is, was the line really worth the wait? In this case, there was for some reason not that long of a line and for practically zero waiting time this food was superb. I think I could wait 20 mins for this and still really enjoy the food. Then again I have nothing else going on in my life so at least waiting in line for food gives me a sense of purpose.

Le Cheese Truck

Cheesy Fries
Mac & Cheese

You may ask why did we choose this food truck? Well the answer is simple I’m a romantic and thus hopelessly cheesy~ (-cues audience gagging-) In all honesty it can get quite overwhelming when there’s tons of food surrounding you so we decided to just pick one line and commit to it. In other words, we settled.  Somehow we managed to order 1.5lbs of mac & cheese due to a simple miscommunication between friends. A certain friend of mine who’s name shall not be named (David) apparently doesn’t like to listen to us when we say that we’re going to order one thing from each truck we eat at so we can share. This guy understood that if we said we’re getting Mac & Cheese, it meant that we were each going to get one and that’s how we ended up with 3 little cartons of this. Was the line worth the wait though? Compared to Super Truck I think the wait wasn’t as worth it. Of course I scoffed my fries down without any complaints cause I love food, but that’s just me being me. In all honesty the mac & cheese wasn’t that hype as it was quite plain. The true winner of this food truck was the Sriracha that drowned the food. Thank you Sriracha for always having my back.

Being the little baby azn girl that I am, it is my duty to take pics with food. In other words, I like taking pics with bae just so that 9 months down the line I can show my food baebae how happy their parents were. The first pic was taken by my friend who is 1 inch taller than me (yes apparently that makes all the difference) and the bottom pic was taken by a 6 foot 1 man. This was when I realized that so many of those who are taller than me have been staring at my obnoxious forehead. If only I was cool enough to have a lightning bolt tattoo cause then each time a tall person calls for me I can just look up and say “No, you’ve made a mistake. I can’t be…a-a wizard. I mean, I’m just… Shirley. Just Shirley.”

 Europea Mobile

Lobster Roll with creamy celery, yuzu juice, and garlic butter
Europea Poutine with bbq pork and hollandaise sauce

THIS LINE WAS WORTH THE WAIT ONE HUNNID PERCENT. 200% would go back and line up for this truck again if I had to. As my dear handsome and smart friend David said this was the best poutine he’s ever had. As heavy as the components of this poutine were, it didn’t feel like you were giving yourself a clogged artery as you ate it. Sorry for not doing a good job describing this poutine but I’m just starstruck over how beautiful and smokey the meat was and the creaminess of the sauce. I’m pretty sure this is what love feels like. It also comes in a beautiful origami like box that opens up like a blooming flower presenting you the true treasures it has inside, pollen, or in this case the poutine. If you’re getting those typical “Am I getting a heart attack?” symptoms from all that heavy food truck food then maybe you should get the lobster roll. It’s light on the stomach and it’s fresh like clean laundry, the perfect way to cleanse your palette.

Overall it’s a great experience I’d recommend everyone to go try it and I’ll definitely be back next month to gorge myself some more. Perhaps if I keep gorging myself I will attain a new level of gorgeous where I won’t need to go to the gym and senpai will finally notice me. I suggest if you want to try a lot of food trucks to get there early and do research on the ones you want to eat at beforehand because lines are quite long and you want to make sure it’s worth it. However, if you go with me I’m sure you won’t be bored in line because I’m great at conversations…just kidding I’m pretty sure I’ll spend a good 30 mins talking about Myers-Briggs types and the leftover time ranting about how hangry I am.

4545 Avenue Pierre-de Coubertin
Montreal, Qc
For more information on this experience check out their Facebook page.