If you’re in Hong Kong for 3 days or more it’s definitely worth it to do a day trip to Macau (or as I’d like to say My Cow…and I know that was not actually punny at all, I apologize to everyone who holds me to a higher funniness standard).

Getting from Hong Kong to Macau

In all seriousness all it takes to get to Macau from Hong Kong is a ferry. All it takes for me to get my life back together is another type of “ferry” a fairy godmother to be exact. The ferry ride itself is approximately 1 hour and they run at various times throughout the day. You can buy the tickets right at the ferry terminal.

For more information check the link for prices and time of departures.

Macau Ferry Terminal to City Center

When you get off the ferries in Macau and exit the terminal you’re going to be bombarded with people offering you different tours and different bus services, don’t be fooled by them. Most casinos have their own shuttle busses and they take you for free to the casinos themselves. Just hop onto one of these busses and hope that you’re not actually on an employee bus and somehow end up working as a casino dealer 3 years from now. Take any bus and you can end up at the casino of your dreams, where the opportunities of winning and losing all your pride (and money) are. Additionally, you can do your research and see which casino lands you closer to where you want to go or which casino you’d like to visit.

Historic Centre of Macau

We took the shuttle to Casino Lisboa and from there it’s a quick walk to the Historic Centre of Macau. As you can see from the video Jen is very excited about the idea of egg tarts and she deserves to be excited because Macau has some of the best egg tarts. Macau used to be a former colony of Portugal and you can definitely see the Portuguese influence in the architecture and the food. Make sure to check out the Ruins of St Paul’s, an iconic site.

If you end up in this area during lunch time and can hear your stomach grumbling so you need to find somewhere close and fast, your best chance of finding somewhere to sit down and eat would be the adjacent side streets. If you’re not exhausted and wouldn’t mind eating on the go, there are tons of hand foods available to you in this area. Most notably tons of egg tarts everywhere and beef jerky. Let me let you in on a secret about the jerky, there are samples literally everywhere. I’m pretty sure if you took a sample at every single shop you could probably repackage that amount and sell it to someone.

Now if you’re fashionista or just another basic girl that enjoys taking pictures against a wall, Macau may be the perfect destination for you. The beautiful buildings all have a pop colour, perfect for your next #OOTD post. See below for Exhibit A of how amazing your next profile pic/ instagram feed could be. It is also evidence of my need for a photographer boyfriend because I cannot keep forcing my friends to take 20 pictures of me because only 1 will end up acceptable. I apologize for all the friendships I’ve ended by me saying “take it again I look like poop.”


We actually didn’t get much casino visiting done, however most of them are in close proximity to each other so it’s easy to hop from one location to another. As you can tell from the video posted I won money and then I lost money, and in the end I still actually had a net gain in winnings. However, as you can see from my reaction and how bad I felt over the act of losing, that the reason losing rattled me so much was because all I do in life is win. So if somebody makes the comment “go big or go home” while you’re at a slot machine gambling, but actually just not sure what you’re doing and pulling the lever and pressing random buttons, go home while you still have your pride. Again remember you can take a shuttle from the hotel back to the ferry terminal where you can mount a ferry and end up back in Hong Kong. That is exactly what I did post-losing, take a sad ferry ride pondering my existence in life and why I make poor decisions like gambling away my change.