Dear readers of Saumignon,

I would like to issue this official public apology on behalf of Jen and myself for not updating the blog in a good year. We have both been busy with our bustling social lives consisting of watching Netflix alone. Thus, I’m sure you guys understand but still we have disappointed many of our followers for neglecting our baby aka this blog. Do not fret though we are back and plan to make our space on the internet bigger, better and filled with funnies.

Now moving along…to the actual content of this post. Last weekend one of my close friends from High School, Helen, visited Montreal from Toronto (no not Jen…and yes I know it is quite shocking that I have more than 1 friend in my life but please this is not a fact that should leave you rattled). It was her birthday that Friday (more like Friyay!) and she wanted to keep it low-key, so I suggested dinner and being the girly girl that she is she suggested we dress up. What better place to look good than in the Old Port of Montreal, a romantic location aka the ideal location for two single gals on the town (said with a hint of sarcasm, a dash of bitterness, and a tablespoon of romantic idealism). The restaurant I ended up choosing was Mimi La Nuit. I’ve never been but from the pictures on their website and the menu this place looked so adorable I knew I had to take pictures of it for a potential instagram post. You can make reservations with them online, which is convenient for those of you like me who get anxiety speaking over the phone because you spend your days texting instead of talking.

Raw #1

Hangar steak tartare, anchovies, herbs, chips

We started our evening with this hangar steak tartare and chips as an appetizer. I loved this dish. The mix of textures from the raw beef to the crispy onions and the fresh sheets of cilantro, it was essentially a party in my mouth. There is something so refreshing about cilantro. When I was a child I never enjoyed it but as I matured I realized the beauty of how cilantro literally gives any dish that extra freshness it needs. Although I’m a huge fan of anything carbs like the chips that this tartare was paired with, the cilantro was the true star of this show. Essentially, if this were the Oscars the beef would be nominated as the best actor, and the cilantro would be nominated for best supporting actor but only Cilantro will win the Oscar. Please tell me you understand the point I am trying to make. -cue orchestral Oscars’ music telling me to stop typing nonsense-


Lamb, grilled haloumi, tahini, mint

For my main course I opted for the lamb filled Kefta burger. My love for lamb is like gravity, it always pulls me in. Lamb is baeeeeee (said a la sheep sound). What I really enjoyed about this dish though was the salad. The dressing was light but flavourful and the radishes were well seasoned that you would think you’re actually eating a sweet fruit. If the burger came with the salad inside of it I think it would definitely give it the extra kick it needed.


Arctic char, pistachio puree, leeks, oyster mushrooms, béarnaise

Helen went with an order of fish. First, what I love the most about this dish is the name of it, “Fish”. This dish doesn’t play games, it tells it straight as it is. You read the name of the dish and you’re not going to be surprised with what you get, you know you’re going to be eating fish. The beauty of this dish was the hardened grilled fish skin. Being able to bite into that hard texture right before the fish falls apart in your mouth is a heavenly combination. I’m not one to usually order fish at a restaurant, but if i were to come back I would totally recommend this dish.

This restaurant has an amazing vibe to it. I think it would be perfect for a second date. The restaurant’s lighting is a little dim proving a romantic air to it. The music was totally on point that I literally asked Siri twice “what song is playing” and it’s also played at a volume that’s not too loud that you would need to yell at your date. Let’s be honest who doesn’t want to be eating great food, staring into somebody’s eyes as Lauryn Hill serenades you guys with “Can’t Take My Eyes off of You.” Would definitely bring somebody here again because it’s just got such a great atmosphere to it.

Mimi la Nuit Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

22 Saint Paul Est
Montreal, QC