To start off our non-foodie foodie adventure, we decided to inaugurate this baby at Cartel Street Food. Now one might ask, how did we come about this beautiful place? As they say  leave no stone unturned, leave no oyster craving unsatisfied. One quick Google search lead us to the restaurant’s Oysters Wednesdays, when fresh oysters come at $1 a piece with the order of a $5 bubbly.

As we trekked through the night into an unknown part of town, we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful weather of the end-of-autumn air piercing our faces.

Jen came in with high hopes of eating a mountain of oysters. She even surveyed her entire SnapChat contact list, except Shirley, for their guesses on how many she could eat, which ranged from 5 to an astonishing 30. She excluded Shirley from this blast, as Shirley would witness the event with her very own eyes in real time. Very rare, indeed. But perhaps we were ambitious in thinking we would consume so many oysters. One glance at the menu lead to the immediate realization that we couldn’t not try the others items on the menu. After all, a dish with a name like rouleaux croustillants de canard et shiitake was NOT to be overlooked.

One glass of sparking wine later!

Let’s get on with this review.


Shirley thought that the oysters were to die for (well they did die insensitive much? Sorry.) The sauce that came with it had so much flavor to it. Not really sure what was in it but it was probably one of the best sauces I’ve had with raw oysters. If you guys want to try some of their f*ckin hot sauce, let us warn you that one drop is enough. For those of you who are extra adventurous and wish to spice up your life, opt for multiple drops of this baby, but don’t hold us liable.


Duck poutine.

The poutine’s cheese was on the creamier side, the duck was really savoury, and the fries were thin but still crispy. Jen wasn’t sure if it was sauce or melted cheese on the poutine, yet she is a poutine fiend. Poutine is always a favourite and duck meat is a shared love between us two. No complaints here.


Crispy duck and shiitake mushroom spring rolls.

The duck had great flavour to it, with only a slight hint of shiitake. Shirley didn’t even realize there were mushrooms in the spring rolls until mentioned. The shell of the spring roll itself was perfectly crispy and very oily and seriously to die for (actually though, high-cholesterol folks, beware). The sauce in the bowl was a mixture of green onions, worcestershire, and a hint of something else that made it sweet. The sauce drizzled on the plate was very reminiscent of asian plum sauce.

*this was Jen favourite.



Chicken tacos with cream and avocado.

Jen: I’m not normally a big fan of soft tacos because I just find the shells too soft? The tenderness of the chicken made up for an overall pretty alright dish. The chicken alone was really, really good.

Shirley: To be honest, I was expecting a lot from this dish, I mean avocado and chicken, two of my favorite things. This dish could have been so much more than what it was because it was literally just avocado and chicken. There was no flavor to it. On the rare occasion that my fork would amass some green onion and cream, my taste buds would tingle but 90% of the time I was just eating a bland dish.

Verdict: The food was good but not enough for us to justify the trip to the upper plateau. But wait  Cartel is opening another location on Crescent Street beside Crescent Sushi, so we’ll probably be back for Oyster Wednesdays once they open downtown. Oui, we love les huItres!

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