Alas, I must blog about my time in Southeast Asia #ForTheFans (-awkward chuckle-…what fans…). Last weekend I embarked on an adventure to Malaysia with 3 other lovely ladies. This was my first trip out of Singapore and definitely the first of many other trips to come. Since there is so much content to this trip, I’m going to dedicate each post to one location just so that I can put enough informative content and not make it dull to my dear readers.

Let us begin.

To start off any trip out of a country, one must leave the country. I took a flight with Air Asia in the wee hours of the morning to Kuala Lumpur. Keep in mind that this plane ride is about an hour long. So I literally got on a plane, took a nap, woke up, and landed in another country.

*Note to self, bring a pillow next time to avoid the awkward wake up and switching of head sides to even the pain on thy neck.

Welcome to my humble abode of one evening. The hostel we stayed at was called BackHome. My first impression of hostels is something along the lines of, cockroaches, awkward hair from god knows where down a drain, some very dirty man who backpacked across Asia and hasn’t showered for 3 months because he doesn’t want to watch off his memories being my neighbour, but this hostel was anything but that. It was clean and comfy, I mean what else does a girl need?

We ended up at an Indian place for lunch where I soon realized that I knew nothing on the menu list. Let me tell you a trade secret in the restaurant blogging industry (not that I would actually know), if one cannot understand the menu, pick the dish that you are most likely going to get the most quantity for your money, because let’s be honest here who really has time to think about quality when one is starving. I ended up with a great assortment of curry and rice on a banana leaf. Obviously I picked the all you can eat option knowing that I would probably not even finish the first portion. What can I say I like having options, which is probably the reason why it always takes me about 10 hours to make a decision.

Would y’all like a critique of the food? I can’t hear youuuuu…-sigh-
To be honest with you guys, I’m not that knowledgeable in Indian cuisine, actually if we’re really being honest here I’m not that knowledgeable in any type of cuisine. However, let me just tell you this, the rice in this dish was the blandest rice I have tasted in the Seven Kingdoms. Now I know rice doesn’t really taste like anything, but if there was an award for the least tasting rice, this would be the winner. However the curry on the side really did add that flavour to the rice, because I mean when you start at nothing, you can only improve on that. On choosing this restaurant, we did extensive research on the culinary richness of what is Kuala Lumpur, I’m lying we picked the first restaurant we could find to feed our empty stomachs and to move on with the rest of our day.

Our first stop was the Batu Caves. This is one of the most famous Hindu shrines in Southeast Asia. If you can see from the top right corner picture in the above set, there appears to be a very long series of stairs leading up. Let me just tell you that the trek is not terrible at all. Yes there will be sweat shed, yes the stairs are tiny (but perfect for my tiny feet), and yes there are monkeys that will attack you if you have food on them. Oh those smart creatures, what can I say, monkeys just might be the smartest creatures out there and I’m not even saying this because I was born in the year of the monkey. We even took a tour inside one of the caves where the ecosystem revolves around guano, aka bat poop. It was quite educational, the deeper in the cave we got the more the tour guide would advertise the creatures in the cave. One miscommunication on a centipede had the whole group thinking that there were centipedes of 2 metres in the cave, when really what was said was 2 centimetres. oops.

Look at this beautiful creature. It is just omnomnoming on that food. I bet you they congregate after every day to critique all the leftover food they ate from tourists and rate them.

And of course, no trip to Kuala Lumpur is complete without a visit to the Petronas Twin Towers. I pulled a classic tourist move. We literally went to the building, took a picture with it, and searched for dinner.


We ended up at Bukit Bintang for dinner. Bukit Bintang is a food, entertainment, and shopping galore. Look at that food and back at the food you’re eating, now look back at that food, you’re not eating that food…but I am. From top left to bottom right we ordered, fried pineapple rice, carrot cake, veggies in thai sauce, noodles that the waiter thought we would hate but we adored, satay, and an oyster omelette.

This might have been my favourite meal this whole trip. We here at SAUMIGNON adore oysters and at first I was skeptical about the oyster and egg combination, but it is absolutely divine. Once you get over the awkward texture of chewing on an oyster instead of just swallowing it as a whole, the dish is very pleasant and enjoyable.

We ended the night almost dying. After strolling around Chinatown we decided to walk back to our hostel. A 10 minute walk turned into a 20 minute walk through the sketchiest streets. When we got to our hostel to rest before going out that night, I asked the receptionist about directions. She told me to get back to Chinatown, which is where the bar we wanted to go to was, we just had to keep on walking on the street we were on. We walked it in fear, thinking that it would be as terrifying as the walk to our hostel, but we were surprised that we got to our destination in no time with not even a scratch.

Overall, Kuala Lumpur is a great city. I wish I spent more time there to see what was actually in Kuala Lumpur because we spent most of our day traveling and seeing the Batu Caves #noragrets, but fortunately I will be returning in March because they are hosting Future Music Festival Asia, so hopefully I’ll be able to explore the city some more during the daytime :)!

Ta-ta my lovelies, till next time!