Since my Assistant Taster, AT, was visiting Montreal for the first time since childhood, I knew we had to hit all the tourist spots as a refresher  the sweeping majority of which had to do with food. The reality is that there were not enough meals in the day to dine at everywhere I wanted to. Much shame.

Besides the usual La Banquise for poutine or Schwartz for smoked meat, a gem located in the Upper Plateau that I myself had yet to visit was ROTISSERIE ROMADOS. And so we went.

We ordered a quarter chicken meal each which includes: a fresh bun, salad, fries like no tomorrow, some ridiculously good chicken + extra spicy sauce on the side that every single tip on Foursquare, Yelp, and Urbanspoon mentioned.

The typical dining set-up between us two is that I spend a considerable amount of time adjusting my camera settings (because I’m still quite awful at it. It’s mostly trial and error, whatever), then take a shameful number of photos at different angles of the food while AT just has at it with the food. He claims he’s not embarrassed by it but I beg to differ. Hell, I’d be embarrassed dining with myself but I digress.

What a glorious looking bun, no? Makes me want to devour a baguette or like, ten.

AT: Will you judge me if I just eat the inside of the bun?
JEN: Nope. *Secretly casts heavy judgement. Are you 5 years old?*

The take-out box looks like it is 90% fries but worry not, the portuguese chicken is buried underneath the mountain of heavenly carbs. Here’s a tip: the spicy sauce is available at the cash, not where you order/pick-up your chicken. I may or may not have wasted an extra 2 minutes waiting in the other line like a fool. I didn’t think the spicy sauce was anything special; it may have been a little too watery for my taste but AT liked it.

ROMADOS, that is some seriously succulent chicken you have graced this earth with. I can;t say it’s the absolute best chicken I’ve ever had because I wouldn’t even be able to remember the best I’ve ever had(word to Drake) and honestly, it’s chicken not exactly the most memorable meat out there. White chicken meat is likely one of the dullest out there but sorry not sorry, poulet fans. That said, I have to reiterate that chicken is pretty damn good.

I mean, $10 for a styrofoam box of a mouthwatering chicken meal overflowing with perfectly seasoned fries aka carby goodness that you probably can’t finish? DONE DEAL. If that doesn’t sell you already, you also get a slice of tomato and some lettuce. I believe this is referred to as a salad.

Dining space is very limited but most take the order to-go anyway. Hold on, what is that there on the right? Freshly baked goods? COULD THIS PLACE GET ANY BETTER. NOPE.

They say that the way to a girl’s heart is with some juicy portuguese chicken  but I may be paraphrasing here. Definitely this place out if you’re in the hood. It has my vote!

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115 Rue Rachel Est
Montreal, QC H2W 1C8