bird poop


HONG KONG: Our First Vlog Followed By An Apology

I would call the following a spoiler alert if it wasn’t the only selling point of the video: A bird shits on Shirley. Sometimes when I’m typing her name I accidentally type “Shitley”, as I’m sure many of you have done. Is this some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy? Is this evidence of The Secret being practiced? Was I careful for what I wished for? Whatever the answer, I’m very glad for it. Of course after 288 views* of our video, we had to take a look at the video statistics before the video’s momentum really took off because big data is the future, or whatever. *288 is measly in YouTube terms and virtually non-existent on the world wide webz but significant for us small fries who had up to this point only posted to our respective Facebook pages, which meant 288 actual(!!) people had watched our video, or at the…