First day, First pound gained – Taipei, Taiwan

Hey y’all, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but my lovely co-blogger Jen has been pretty active in keeping this blog alive. Let’s just say I’ve been pretty busy on exchange with all that “studying” gna’ mean. Continuing on with my exchange adventures, after my first trip to Malaysia, I went to Taipei for my spring break to visit my best friend. We’ve been childhood best friends since I was a babe (still a babe…just sayin’) and if you guys don’t know her she’s pretty famous…PRESS HERE FOR MY SHAMELESS PLUG, SHE ACTUALLY DOESN’T EVEN KNOW I PUT HER HERE. Singapore to Taipei plane tickets are decently priced, my tickets were around $350 off of Tigerair, but if you keep your eyes out there are better deals I was just a little last minute buying my tickets, but come on $350 is not that bad for a…