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5 Tips for Tech/Productivity

Credit to Irene for the photo.  1. Set up autocorrect for things you FREQUENTLY type on your phone. I’d rather not type in my email over and over again, multiple times a day and every single day.  I personally set up an arbitrary 3-letter combo “xzx” that corrects to my 23-character long email. 87% increased efficiency.  Results may vary depending on length. SUGGESTIONS: emails, addresses, phone numbers. Note: I recognize that auto-fill is a feature that exists in browser forms but this trick works anywhere you type rather than strictly the internet browser. 2. USE CHROME Extensions Declutter extension – automatically close duplicate tabs. [Link] Earth view from Google Earth – get a glimpse of some beautiful yet obscure corner of the earth every time you open a new tab (CTRL + T) – [Link]    ** personal favourite AdBlock – blocking Facebook, YouTube, etc. ads – [Link] Ads – annoying and sometimes too personal…