These days I’ve been treating my body like a temple, minus that one weekend where I stuffed myself at a buffet to a point where I couldn’t taste my food anymore. Besides that, I’ve been making myself all these green smoothies in the morning, eating oatmeal, doing some BBG (Bikini body guide for those of you who don’t know what it is…and no my body is not bikini ready I’m only at week 4, but do check up on me in 8 weeks I’ll most likely look exactly the same as right now), and going pretentiously vegan (just kidding I ain’t that level yet). For those of you who are trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, it can be quite difficult especially if you enjoy eating out a lot like me. Do not fret, Venice MTL is here to satisfy your needs of eating out and it’s decently healthy. I mean after all they call themselves a “clean and healthy eatery.”

What’s getting every little baby girl who cares about her social media presence in a frenzy is the fact that there are poke bowls here. What exactly is a poke bowl you may ask? It’s essentially a bowl of rice with raw fish on it and other exciting toppings. If you want to bring your friends here and you want to sound cultured just remember that it’s called po-kay and not poke like getting a facebook poke (I never get those). You don’t want to be one of those people that pronounce meme like meh-meh.

Salmon Poke Bowl

Rice, salmon, edamame, wakame, pickled ginger, miso, and yuzu

Look at those beautiful colours, don’t you just want to take ten million pictures of it, cause that is exactly what I did. If you get easily embarrassed don’t take me out for food because I will hold a full fledged photoshoot especially if I plan on blogging about it. My favourite raw fish is salmon because I feel like it’ll never disappoint you, unlike me as an Asian daughter to my parents. I always said that if I were to be stranded on a deserted island all I would need to make myself happy is that the water surrounding me be filled with salmon and for there to be rice fields. That way I could eat salmon sashimi over rice every day ~drooling~. This poke bowl specifically had a very seafoodey taste. Don’t look at me with those eyes that are yelling “no duh Shirley it tastes like seafood it’s raw fish.” I’m telling you my definition of seafoodey is that it kind of tastes a bit like the ocean in a pleasant way and I think this was caused by the wakame. Additionally, the rice wasn’t just plain white rice, it was soy sauced so at least there was some flavour in it.

Soy sauce is life. If you accidentally cut me, I don’t bleed I ooze soy sauce.

Tuna Poke Bowl

Rice. tuna, edamame. mango, tobiko ginger, shoyu, and spicy mayo

LOOK AT THAT PINK TUNA. How beautiful is it? Nothing yells doesn’t look like something I should eat more than exotic and vibrant colours in food. Rest assured, you can eat this tuna, no let me correct myself you not only can eat this tuna but you will most probably devour it. This bowl tasted much less seafoodey. It was a mixture of flavours from the salty soy sauce rice, to that distinct fresh taste from the ginger, to the sweetness of the mangoes, and of course how can we forget that spicy mayo. If I could pick a condiment that I could dip anything in for the rest of my life, there would probably be a tie between garlic mayo and spicy mayo. Then again, do I even need to make a choice between the two? Of course not because I’m savage and will mix both of them together and it would be a match made in heaven.

Overall, this restaurant has a great first-mover advantage (I graduated in commerce can’t you tell?), as the poke scene in Montreal isn’t quite developed yet. The restaurant setting is cute and picturesque. The food is a little pricey but it is a specialty dish so I think it’s worth it cause it’s not like you’re going to come here and eat poke every single day. They do offer other dishes like salads, toasts, tacos and soups, so there is a decent product mix being offered to their client base. Besides offering flavorful healthy food,  if you have a problem with portion control like myself, the portions here are enough to make you full but not enough that you feel your double chin growing. Finally, this is the perfect place to take your friends who adore cute and aesthetically pleasing things, like macaroons, cupcakes, white backgrounds, and marble laptop cases. I didn’t choose the baesic life, the baesic life chose me.

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440 St Francois Xavier
Montreal, QC