It happens to the best of us and it happens to the worst of us (me). We’ll wave to someone very enthusiastically (if you’re unlucky and decide to be happy and perky that day, it’ll make it even more traumatizing) and that person will just walk right on by, leaving you with your hand in mid-air shamefully dangling. Petrified with fear and social anxiety, you’re not sure of your next course in action. Have no fear, Shirley is here with some life-changing advice on the alternatives available to you if you ever encounter this situation.ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Catch the air that your hand is high-fiving

As your hand dangles, you can gracefully catch the air lacing through your fingers into a fist pose.  Retract your hand safely to your mouth region as if you’re in deep thought. Let’s be honest though the only thing you’re thinking of is how many years in your life did you just lose over the anxiety that that situation caused you. You’re also casually trying to recount all the people who saw you do that and how you will probably try to avoid them in the coming weeks. {{ (>_<) }}

Keep waving in confidence

Another alternative, is just to own that wave. Work your confidence baby and keep waving even as that person walks by. People around you won’t even realize that the person you’re waving to didn’t see you because they’ll think you’re waving at someone behind them. Don’t wave too long though, cause if you do you’re kind of like that car that turns on their signal 3 red lights away from when they’re actually going to turn. Like is your long distance vision that good that you could see someone who’s a 10 minute wave away? It is quite suspicious for the casual onlooker. I suggest a good 2 second lapse right after the person walks by without noticing you and then you should retreat to a more casual pose such as scrolling through your phone pics from 2008.

Classic Head Scratch

I think this may be one of the more common alternatives and a natural reflex for us. You basically transform your hand that’s in the air into a head scratch prompting others around you to believe that you weren’t waving or about to wave but really just extending your arm in an uncomfortable manner just to get ready to scratch your head.

The alternative here is to run your hand through your hair. The only problem here is this method only works if you’ve got like baby smooth pantene pro-v, l’oreal kids no tears, no tangles type of hair. If not it’s just quite embarrassing like that moment in a chick flick where the nerdy girl is having a quirky moment trying to run her fingers through her hair in front of the popular guy, fails miserably and Mr. Popular laughs at her cause he can’t believe she’s just so cute and quirky. I guess that’s really not that embarrassing if that were the scenario because it’s kind of endearing, but life ain’t a movie guys and I for sure am not landing Mr. Popular, more likely to land Mr. Walk Away from this Mess called Shirley. (Hot* Mess, excuse me for not clarifying)

asian grandma stretches

As your hand is in the air, lift it even higher, then place the other arm on your hip. You are now in the perfect pose to start stretching into the bent arm. Use the hand that was supposed to wave instead to further elongate your stretch. This is basically the saying, “when life closes a door, it opens a window,“╮(︶︿︶)╭ the door being the missed opportunity in the wave and the window being longitivity and serenity in your life through some Asian grandma stretches.

While you’re at it you may as well retract your other hand, place it on your hip,  and then rotate them. That’s some serious Asian grandma stretching goals.


The last alternative I will suggest is I guess the most proper one which is to just yell that person’s name or chase after them so that people know you’re not waving to your imaginary best friend (I mean your real best friend…shhhh), but to a live homo sapien. Depending on my confidence level and level of being shameless I could potentially yell that person’s name. Knowing me though, I’m quite lazy and get embarrassed very easily so will probably not resort to this because I’m not that good at human interactions (⊙_⊙). Thus, at least I have all the alternatives I’ve mentioned above to use.

Hope you all learned some mitigating procedures that you can perform if you are stuck in a position where your hand is just dangling in shame. Let me know in the comments below which method is your favourite or which is your most effective one. Also, let us know if you have any other methods that you would suggest to others. (^_<)〜☆